SL, Owner of Theatrical Company:

I think one of the most powerful things I've learned from this information that Pat sends on his tapes is that when I'm in a challening time period, I always learn the most when I'm most challenged, I can transform a seemingly negative situation into a positive one, and it's very gratifying to have more control over my own destiny. I've found that understanding how my life unfolds in time enables me to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, and this is really very valuable to all aspects of my life...

Before I learned about the science of these time cycles that Pat provides in his tapes, I felt like life was living me. Life was happening to me. And now, understanding how my life unfolds as a sequence of trends and times, I found that I'm living life. I'm able to have more control over what my life is. And I find that I enjoy that. I find that I have a better sense of humor about myself and about the world, so I really enjoy myself more, I wake up in the morning and feel very enthusiastic and powerful...

I run a theatrical company, and a year ago we started to plan a new show for our repertoire. After we planned the show, I received one of Pat's tapes. He predicted that we would not only produce one new show, but two new shows. I, at the time, didn't see how that would be possible, but curiously enough, very shortly after the time I received Pat's tape, I got a call from the Baltimore Symphony and they wanted to commission us to develop a new show for their symphony orchestra. So his prediction was right on, and we're now producing two shows at the same time.

SJ, Actress:

I travel all the time in my work, and I have found it incredibly valuable in terms of really knowing the good times, when I will be most creative and can take advantage of that. There are times when it's not so good, when I'm at a lower point or in an accident period, that I can lay low or be more careful...

This has given be great perspective on my life. I think, before I started doing these consultations, I would get really caught up in the day-to-day of my life adn get kind of overshadowed by it. When I started getting these tapes from Pat, I noticed that I just could stand back and really see my life in a much better perspective. It's been incredibly helpful...

And I feel he's got tremendous integrity, he really cares about what he's doing. I have noticed that, at times, when I'll listen to my chart and have a sense of what's going on, and then I'll kind of forget about it. Then something will happen, and I'll suddenly realize, Oh boy, I forgot to look back at my reading, and when I came back to it and listened, it was very accurate.

CJM, West Coast Physician:

Over the years, I have had charts done by several well known astrologers. Pat Hayward is the only one who has been consistently right on with may chart. His system of analysis has been accurate and full of practical information time and time again.

Having my yearly chart done by Pat Hayward is similar to having a road map to travel through life. Knowing where the hills and valleys are placed, I am better able to make more informed, clear decisions.

A yearly chart is the perfect accompaniment to my spiritual practice. It assists me in being able to objectively look at my life lessons in a way that brings clarity and understanding.

SP, Business Owner, Specialty Apothecary:

So, the way that this knowledge has been really helpful for me, in terms of understanding the cycles, is understanding my children's cycles. Because they could be in a very strong period, or they could be in a more challenging period. And particularly during the challenging periods, it's really helpful to give them more support and for me to know that it's going to end sometime soon. And also that I can therefore be more patient and more tolerant during this whole period.

What I've really enjoyed about the knowledge of these cycles, being a working mom and a mother of two teenage boys, is understanding their cycles. Because they could be going through a very positive, strong cycle or they could be going through a more challenging cycle. And during those challenging cycles, I'm there for them more, you know. I understand their needs, I offer them more support, and at the same time, I'm able to understand that this cycle is going to end. It's not gonna go on forever. And so I can be more patient and more tolerant. And for those of you with teenagers, you know what I mean.

So, as our children get older, I think every parent wants their child to find a profession that's going to be enjoyable, that's going to be, that's going to make them happy. And the knowledge of what their strengths and weaknesses are is just absolutely invaluable. Because I can help guide them, as their parent.

Something that's really precious to my heart is my relationship with my husband. And this knowledge, or these insights, that Pat has offered us have been invaluable, because we've been able to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. Also the time periods, you know, whether they're favorable or a little bit more challenging. So when we hit some bumps, we don't necessarily immediately start thinking divorce. We know that these cycles have an end to it and that we'll then be in a more favorable cycle, and what we've learned is that when we work through these periods, the love grows, it deepens, and the appreciation is fabulous, and we're very grateful to Pat for this.

Pat gave me a favorable time or cycle to begin my business in, and ever since day one, the sales were far beyond our expectations. And since then the business has been very smooth and very profitable.

So I really have to share one particular experience. Pat had predicted a possible ankle injury during a particular period, and I then completely forgot about that prediction and planned a trip to Montana, backpacking up a mountain, and lo and behold, I sprained my ankle. And it just made me realize, or it basically verified the whole experience, that, had I remembered his prediction, I could have easily organized my vacation prior to that period or after that period and saved myself that misery. But for me it was a good experience, because it validated these cycles that Pat talks about.

The knowledge of the cycles has been really important for me, because I'm a working mom and I have two boys, and it's been essential to understand their cycles. And to understand when they're in a very strong cycle and when they're in a more challenging cycle, because then I can offer more support and I also have the understanding that, oh, this cycle is going to end on this date. So I can be more tolerant and more patient, and it's been very, very helpful.

LW, Homemaker:

Well, I had a consultation with Pat and the subject was marriage. I was quite worried about it at that time. Things were not working out in that department. And Pat, after looking at my chart, counseled me to be patient. He said there was a definite marriage period coming up. The period was a bit in the future, but it was a good strong one, and I needed to cultivate patience. That period did come up. I was married within one month of the time Pat said I would be married, and it was well worth the wait. I couldn't be happier.

My husband and I refer to our taped consultations often. Pat has been so accurate with us in terms of timing that we pay special attention when he says, be careful, this could be an accident period, you might want to put off that airplane trip. We look into that, because having these consultations to refer to has taken the worry out of our lives. We don't worry so much about the life that's in front of us because we know more.

I have been to other astrologers and even to a psychic in the past. And I have to say that there is no comparison between what I got from these other people and what I have from Pat, in terms of knowledge, in terms of accuracy, in terms of depth of information that I can use for my life and use to plan my future. There is no comparison. I absolutely recomend Pat. He's taken the worry out of my life. I go to the doctor, I consult with Pat, it's that important to me.

Having the information from Pat about cycles has been indispensable to me in my relationship at home with my husband. It's so important for things to be happy and harmonious, and knowing in advance when a rough period could occur, when one of us could be extra tired or irritable, saves us so much grief. We know in advance how to treat each other what to do. It takes the worry out of our lives. It keeps the relationship fresh and alive, and I'm so grateful for that.

SR, East Coast Writer:

Thank you for your ever timely help; the last 2 weeks have been incredible--there is a strongly growing sense of finally becoming master of my terrain.

CH, Mutual Fund Manager (up over 100% 2 years in a row):

It is a great pleasure to write this letter concerning the value of your consultations. As a businessman managing a successful investment fund, I have noticed that these astrological consultations reinforce my own sense of timing and are a valuable tool in a very competitive world.

As a father, I have seen the value in my child's life, as she has grown in confidence from better understanding her quickly changing world. My wife has also enjoyed the thoroughness, practicality, and thoughtfulness of your readings. We have all remarked on your consideration in dealing with delicate issues.


Thank you so much for your reading. It was extremely unifying and interesting.


I must say that so far your reading for 1998 has been exact in the extreme.

I have gone back through your tape where your voice would remind me that I would experience these things during this time.

Your tape and your wonderful insights are inspiring and much appreciated. The moments spent listening to you are a precious part of my life.

CD, Owner Media Company:

Of all the astrology readings I have ever had, the Astroglyphics chart reading is by far the most accurate and precise month after month and year after year.

TM, East Coast Physician:

Pat has been my astrologer for the past four years. During that time he has guided me through some very trying times. In one instance, he rightly predicted serious difficulties with my son would end at a certain point, and from then on he would blossom. Sure enough, when the cycle changed, my son settled down and has been an exemplary child ever since. There are many other examples.

I have tried many other highly recommended astrologers, while some of them have been very good, none has been as accurate or as helpful as Pat. Therefore, I have referred many patients to Pat and they have been equally impressed.

MP, Teacher:

Thank you for the wonderful tapes and video, you really do make a difference to the people who have their charts done by you. The chart and tapes are so accurate, last Christmas, my back had been hurting and the first thing you said on the tape was to watch out for back problems. This has smoothed out some very difficult periods in my life. Thank you.


Thank you for the detailed analysis and projections. I found the information very helpful and useful, the past year has been almost breathless with change and the horse just keeps going faster and faster. Quite coincidentally, I am buying a car in the very cycle you predicted.


Thank you for doing my chart. It is the best one I have ever had, in fact I would say "incredible". This has really helped me have some new insights into my life lessons and challenges.

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